The Chosen Ones

Beth Israel – Dental Denial

Sup Halloweeeeeeners. So, as you know, there were a buncha free shows/parties going on Halloween with some of Nashville’s finest struttin their stuff, which is important and awesome and how things should be all the time. Equally important/awesome/how things should be is the good fortune of a sick touring band, which we had the chance to catch at The Cage on Friday night. Austin’s Beth Israel made their Nashville debut alongside local kings Study Hall, BZRK, Ttotals and newcomers Modern Convenience. Their live set sounded like a more American hardcore-influenced Total Control, who we’ve proclaimed our supreme devotion for time and time again, with stronger ties to Minor Threat than Suicide. Needless to say, we dug it and encourage y’all to check out the rest of the dates of their tour, which is headed up New Yak-ways according to their Facebook. Also, don’t forget to pocket their record, out on Parquet Court’s label — Dull Tools.  \\ YIP //

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