Straight from the mouths of Achtung – one of out favorite current zines/interview blogs – we’ve heard that Total Control have a couple of new releases slated to drop in the next month or so. The first of which being a brand new single on Sub Pop featuring the tracks “Scene From a Marriage” and “Contract” that’s supposed to come out on October 9th. Following that will be the release of a new 12″ EP from Melbourne’s Home Loan Records – which you can stream in full right at the bottom of this post. It features some new material as well as remixes of a few tracks off their last LP. And If you picked up Henge Beat last year then you’ve probably been anxiously awaiting a follow-up like we have. So far it sounds like these will not disappoint. Achtung did a lengthier interview with Total Control frontman – DX – a little while back and it is definitely worth checking out. Go here to do so.

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