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1. Bad Sports – Should’ve Known
2. Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders – Object 

3. D. Watusi – B.B.M.F.
4. The Wax Museums – Locked In The Mall

We’re excited to bring a brand new 4-way split 7″ with some of our favorite bands. The songs were recorded live to cassette at Glenn Danzig’s House in Nashville on July 30, 2011 – the last show at Glenn Danzig’s House. Over the last couple years, Danzig’s served as an all-ages showspace in Nashville bringing bands from all over the nation [as well as other nations] and always providing a place to party. This single is our way of paying homage. The single also brings everything full-circle because Austin’s Bad Sports were the first and last band to ever play at the house. The single comes packaged in a 14″x14″ folded poster with an insert listing every band that played at the house. Check out some samples below… Pretty gnarly…

A1: Bad Sports – Should’ve Known [sample]
A2: Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders – Object [sample]
B3: D. Watusi – B.B.M.F. [sample]
B4: The Wax Museums – Locked in the Mall [sample]

 50 copies of the single were packaged in cardboard sleeves with different photo prints on each copy from a different show at Glenn Danzig’s House. Those were sold at our Pop-Up Shop during The Freakin’ Weekend III.
500 on black vinyl // 50 with alternate sleeves

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Perhaps our proudest release to-date, this new offering from Nashville’s William Tyler has him exploring a “full band” sound with the help of Jamin Orrall [JEFF the Brotherhood] and Seth Murray [Natural Child] William revisits a song from his Behold The Spirit album with a psych-drenched mind blowing version of the track “Oahspe” on the A-Side and continues with that vibe to the B-Side when he takes an 8 minute crack at the classic “Tennessee Blues” in the vein of Bobby Charles. William has released material previously as The Paper Hats and has been involved with many other projects such as The Silver Jews, Lambchop, KORT, Sigmund’s Mind Music, and on and on. He is Nashville’s favorite son.

Side A: Oahspe [sample]
Side B: Tennessee Blues [sample]

This 7″ is what we’d like to consider a “bargain” – paying $5 for 13+ minutes on one single. No dead wax on this one. William Tyler has a new record finished and it will hopefully see release late this year or next year. 500 on black vinyl

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From the tehomic depths of rock n roll, D. Watusi presents Dark Party. This record is a series of nervy investigations into species of anxiety: impossible desires, dreams shadowed in double death, against the romance of social bond, and the realization that you are a loner with a fascination. For those over the counter-/contra-/cum-culture and born without a generation, Dark Party is the everyday sense of everywhere you are and do not want to be. Dark Party speaks from the lower frequencies for all the freaks, fuckups, believers, suits, and sickos inside of “you.”

D. Watusi – Dark Party [stream]

The album comes packaged in a Stoughton tip-on jacket with free download code inside. This is also the first LP release for NDR. 500 on black vinyl

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These puppies first appeared for Freakin’ Weekend IV, where they quickly sold out in our pop-up shop. Now we’ve made another batch of 50 for everyone who missed out. Based off of the old Opryland logo, and designed by Julia Bee and the late great Ben Todd. If you want it, get it now. I can’t imagine we’ll make another batch anytime soon.

Poster is 18″x24″. Shipped rolled in a tube.

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BE OUT b/w LIVIN’ [NDR-011]

It’s hard to put into words all of the things Ben and Asher make us feel. Of course there’s a pang of nostalgia. We’ve been seeing them play and grow for four years now, and that’s more than long enough for their songs to be cemented into our local lifeblood. There’s also the fact that their music just sounds like it’s coming from two eighteen-year-olds, and that’s a good thing! Freedom and frustration, excitement and uncertainty. These are universal sentiments of the American teenager, and Ben and Asher have the vision and talent to capture them REALLY WELL. When people ask us what’s exciting in Nashville right now, we say Fox Fun.

Fox Fun – “Be Out” [stream]

This single was originally released in a limited sleeve for Freakin’ Weekend V. These copies come packaged in our classic company sleeve. 300 on black vinyl // 50 with alternate sleeve

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