BE OUT b/w LIVIN' [NDR-011]

It's hard to put into words all of the things Ben and Asher make us feel. Of course there's a pang of nostalgia. We've been seeing them play and grow for four years now, and that's more than long enough for their songs to be cemented into our local lifeblood. There's also the fact that their music just sounds like it's coming from two eighteen-year-olds, and that's a good thing! Freedom and frustration, excitement and uncertainty. These are universal sentiments of the American teenager, and Ben and Asher have the vision and talent to capture them REALLY WELL. When people ask us what's exciting in Nashville right now, we say Fox Fun.

Fox Fun - "Be Out" [stream]

This single was originally released in a limited sleeve for Freakin' Weekend V. These copies come packaged in our classic company sleeve. 300 on black vinyl // 50 with alternate sleeve

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