Reunited and It Feels So Gooood

Pujol - Reunited States of Being

Pujol – Reunited States of Being

We love Daniel Pujol. Not only is he one of the hardest working dudes (not to mention musicians) in our fair city, but he also is seemingly always open to the re-interpretation of his world. Daniel will be the best professor. The Pooj’s ability to effectively imagine is evidenced in his newest project, a remix of his second LP United States of Being for Cassette Store Day 2014. Most notably, Pujol substitutes in upfront vocals and sunny guitars in the remix of the record, which allow for us to focus on another part of makes Pujol so great: love of wordplay in harmony with love of pop.

Reunited States of Being comes out on September 27. Stream the whole remixed album below.

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