It’s been a couple months since our 3rd Birthday party where we celebrated the release of a new single and some limited edition copies of the D. Watusi debut album Dark Party – but it looks like we’ll have actual copies available very soon. That’s the official artwork for the album up there. It’s taken us a while to get it together and we’d like to go ahead and apologize for that. Not to say that it’s entirely our fault – but what does it matter anyway? The album comes packaged in a Stoughton tip-on sleeve with insert on 150gram black vinyl. So even if you don’t like the way it sounds – it’s at least still pretty. The Watusi have a show coming up this next week at Exit/In with King Khan & BBQ Show and then one to end out the year over at Fort Houston. We’ll go ahead and say it’s safe to expect physical copies at that New Year’s show. Here’s a video from that ZombieShop of D. Watusi doing a new song [not on Dark Party] shot by our good friend Jen Uman. Check it out if you want!


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