Funstix – Goose from NASHVILLE’S DEAD on Vimeo.

Last night we finally made it out to a Funstix show. These things are pretty hard to come by. I mean, they’ve played like less than a handful of shows. Maybe a palmful. Whatever. Funstix is kind of a Murfreesboro supergroup featuring Jessi and Lin from Those Darlins, Spencer from Cuttlefish, and bad boy Dillon from Kindergarten Circus. It’s awesome. We were trying to explain what they sounded like to someone last night and we think this kind of sums it up — “They’re a band who can cover The Rolling Stones and it doesn’t sound weird.”  That’s a very good thing. We love our Stones. Anyways, here are a couple videos we shot for you babies to check out. There will be more uploaded to the “Funstix” album on our vimeo page next week.

Funstix – Untied from NASHVILLE’S DEAD on Vimeo.

As a special little treat, check out the mamis doing a kickass cover of  “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and one of them doing King Khan & BBQ Show’s “Waddlin’ Around”. Can’t wait for the next one.

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  1. no name says:

    why no one ever never leaves comments?

  2. Mammoth says:

    I dream of this band. I love it so. We need more of this.

  3. D. Watusi says:

    hahah…at my school it says N?SHVILLE’S DE?D. how mysterious…..

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