At this point everyone who’s been going to shows in Nashville for the last year and a half should be well aware of Fox Fun – but if you’re not – it’s time to get aware. Ben and Asher, our two favorite seventeen year-olds, are about to celebrate the release of their long awaited debut 7″ from Turbo Time Records. You might recall earlier this Spring when we Teen Beated with the boys and they let us premiere one of the tracks from the 7″, but since that was a good while ago we went ahead and reposted the track for you at the bottom of the page. It’s easy to get distracted by their age when listening to them or seeing them live – but even when you take their youth out of the equation, the two are producing some of the best power-pop/kiwi infused songs we’ve heard around here in a long time. Like a total amalgamation of Flying Nun bands and Troggs and Wreckless Eric – we know that’s some pretty heddy shit, but believe it. They’re having a party this Friday to celebrate [it’s an early outdoors thing – so show up on time if you wanna catch it] Pick it up from Turbo Time!

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  1. Deb McColl says:

    Love it love it love it!

  2. sam broussard says:

    very cool rock n roll. there’s actually two songs up there! coolerer. but you’d think with no bass, i could understand a word or two. I think it was English. Hope you weren’t talking about me.

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