We wanted to kick off the last year of the world [it’s happening, you hosers] with something new and fun so we’re introducing a brand new section…. TEEN BEAT. It’s a new section where our resident teenager — who goes by the name Television Addict — does brief to-the-point interviews with newer bands around town [and around the globe] This first one is with rock-and-rollers Fox Fun. We’re sure most of you are already aware of the guys or have caught a set around town, but we think that maybe a lot of people still don’t really know what’s up with them. Check it out below for some insight into the minds of Ben and Asher and download a few of their songs for free at the very end. Holler…

Television Addict: What are your names, and what do you play in the band?
Ben Parks: Drums, vocals
Asher Horton: I play 12 string guitar, vocals

TA: How long have you guys been a band?
Ben: About a year.
Asher: A few months over a year.

TA: What was your last show, and what’s your next?
Asher: Last show… That was with our Peach Kelli Pop buds over at The Other Basement. That was a ton of fun. And next it looks like we’re playing The End on Jan. 15th with King Karl and Cry Baby.

TA: Three songs you guys are really into right now…
Ben: Television – Prove It

Beach Boys – I’m Waiting For The Day

Bruce Springsteen – Dancing In The Dark

Asher: Tommy Wright III – Murder In Da 1st Degree

Abba – Take A Chance On Me

Erik B and Rakim – Move da Crowd

TA: Plans in the next 6 months?
Asher: To Release as much music as possible. And to just keep doin’ what we’re doin’ cause it’s fun.
Ben: Get enough money to try the local burger at Fido.

TA: Plans in the next 25 years?
Asher: Same as for the next 6 months. Keep going until it isn’t fun anymore, and when it isn’t we’ll just keep changing to keep it new and interesting for us.
Ben: I’d love to have a few records out and tour New Zealand.

TA: How was recording at Battletapes?
Ben: Recording at Battletapes was definitely a lot of fun. Jeremy and Jonas are awesome
Asher: A lot of fun. Jeremy & Jonas are great dudes.

TA: Favorite records to come out of Nashville in 2011?
Asher: A bunch of goodies. Pujol, Natty Child, DP, Tristen, Quichenight, Useless Eaters, Paperhead and probably a bunch more I’m forgetting all released sick records this year. I’m sure we’ll have no problems topping ourselves next
year with so many great bands in stock.
Ben: Gnarwhal – Duane
The Paperhead – S/T
PUJOL – Nasty, Brutish, and Short

FOX FUN – SMILE [zip download]

Like the guys said earlier, they’ve got a show this weekend at The End with Cry Baby and King Karl. Go and check it out. They’ve also got their debut 7″ single coming soon from Turbo Time Records and you can get a little taste of it right up there [There’s a sick Buzzcocks cover in their too that the guys recorded after their first practice] If you’d like to be featured in TEEN BEAT — shoot an email to teenbeataddict@gmail.com and tell him all about yourself.

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