I’m back again with another new TEEN BEAT for all you beaters out there. This time we’re meeting up with one of our favorite new local bands from around town - DIRTY DREAMS. If you’ve yet to catch the guys or hear any of their tunes, we really think you should make a special effort to seek them out. Shouldn’t be too hard since they’ve got a lot of shows coming up – including one this Saturday night at Little Hamilton for the Sex Cult 7″ release show and the recently announced FREAKIN’ WEEKEND. Their music really spans across a few different genres from shoegaze-y to psych-y surf to dream pop to post-punk fuzz — but it all rips. Anyway, click on through to check out another one of our always-awesome, always-insightful, always-entertaining interviews and get to know the Dirty Dreamers for yourself…

Television Addict: What are your names, and what do you play in the band?
Bass yo face and vocals.
Mac: I play a guitar. Reid also plays a guitar and Sludgefist plays the drums/keyboard.

TA: How long have you been a band and how did it get started?
We formed in July because Casey made us play a show and billed us as Stairway to Hell.

TA: What was the last show you played and what’s the next one?
We just played a house show in the Boro with Mom & Dad, which is always a good time.  We are opening for the one and only $£X <v/+ [SEX CULT] this weekend.  So stoked!

TA: Three songs you’re really into right now…
The Murmaids: “Popsicles and Icicles”

Dark Sister: “Haunt U”

Kraftwerk: “Ananas Symphonie” (Pineapple Symphony)

Mac: Jean-Paul Sartre Experience- I Like Rain

Enjoy- New Sun

Red Krayola- Hurricane Fighter Plane

Also, every song on the Mind Spiders and Total Control LPs from last year.

TA: What are your plans in the next 6 months?
Skate, Skate, Skate and band stuff.
Mac: To be four months away from the end of the world.

TA: What are your plans in the next 25 years?
Probably living in California, wishing I still played in a band called Dirty Dreams
Mac: If all goes well, the human race will not be enslaved by an evil robot army, I’ll have a job that I like, and music will still be interesting.

TA: When can the people expect a physical release from you guys?
Everything is kind of up in the air right now, but May seems like as good of a time as any to have a release…

TA: In as accurate detail as you can, please tell us thoroughly about the last actual “dirty dream” you had…
Last night about yo mama.   —— [Editor’s Note: OH SHIT HE GOT YOU!]
Mac: It’s like 60 Minutes on acid… I’ll tell you later.

TA: We have a sort of hard time classifying your music as one sort of genre, could you now please make up something for us to refer to you as? Thanks in advance…
Bitch Please
Mac: Bitch, please.

Like we’ve mentioned a few times in this post, the guys are playing a show this Saturday night at Little Hamilton — go and check out what you’ve been missing. We’ve heard word on the street that they’ll have a debut 7″ dropping sometime this Spring and may have a split-cassette coming even sooner. One can only hope! As always – if you’d like to be featured in TEEN BEAT — shoot an email to teenbeataddict@gmail.com and tell him all about yourself.

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