Hello new world, it’s time for another edition of TEEN BEAT. This time we met up with everyones favorite newer local band — Ranch Ghost. If you haven’t had the chance to see the guys around town or hear any of their tunes — you’re really depriving yourself from hearing and seeing one of Nashville’s newest best bands. They’ve released a split cassette of live material recorded at Mt. Swag a while ago, and they have plans for a new 7″ in the coming months. More on that later though… For now — get your Teen Beat on and click forward to get to know the Ranch Ghost boys a little better and to stream one of the songs on their upcoming single…

Television Addict: What are your names, and what do you play in the band?  
Joshua Travis Davis: Six string guitar/ sing-song.
Andy: I play guitar, harmonica, and sing a little bit. Matt slaps da bass and Tanner plays drums.

TA: How long have you guys been a band?
Joshua: Since January 6th, 2011 at 1:45pm and then we took out the trash.
Andy: We started playing early in the summertime of oh-eleven.

TA: What was your last show, and what’s your next?
Andy: Our last show was in Springfield, MO and we had a great time. Every band in Nashville should go to Springfield. The next one is at The Zombie Shop on January 28th with D.Watusi, Denney and the Jets, and The Paperhead. We’re all super stoked for that one!

TA: Three songs you guys are really into right now…
Joshua: The Shandels – Mary Mary

The Painted Ship – And She Said Yes

Nina Simone – The Ballad of Hollis Brown

Andy: Creedence Clearwater Revival – Run Through The Jungle

The Kinks – King Kong ——- [Editor’s Note: fuck yeah]

The Daily Flash – Jack of Diamonds

Plans in the next 6 months?
Joshua: Release/ tour
Andy: Just to record and play; then in the Summer we’re gonna try and play shows out of town as much as we can. It’s gonna be fuunn. 

Plans in the next 25 years?
Joshua: Release/tour… Release/tour… and so on. Stir the shit pot.
Andy: Get a dog, become an archaeologist, and learn how to crack a whip properly. I wanna be somewhere between Indiana Jones and this guy.

When can we expect a new release from you guys?
Andy: We’re putting out a 7 inch through Jeffrey Drag Records really soon. I think it’ll be out by March.

If you aren’t making music or playing shows, what’re you doing?
Joshua: In the back of a blazer with Bo Diddley talking that E A and most certainly B, taking out the trash.
Andy: Usually working, or lurking out at our house. Matt, Tanner and I still skateboard all the time, so we could be doing that too.

Ranch Ghost – New News by NASHVILLESDEAD

Like we’ve mentioned a few times in this post, Ranch Ghost have a brand new single coming out this Spring from Jeffrey Drag Records. The song above is one of three songs that are slated to be on the single. No download-y for now [Sorrrrry] But you can stream it all you want. The guys are playing a show this Saturday night at The Zombie Shop — go and check out what you’ve been missing. And — as always – if you’d like to be featured in TEEN BEAT — shoot an email to teenbeataddict@gmail.com and tell him all about yourself.

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