Record Store Day is quickly approaching and we’re getting more and more stoked about it. We’ll be running all over town that day hitting out favorite local record shops [Grimey’s, The Groove, Third Man, blah blah blah] and we’ll be doing all we can to make sure that RSD ‘011 is a for real party. I mean, we’re having a show at The End that night with JEFF the Brotherhood, Hunx & His Punx, Shannon & The Clams, and Heavy Cream. And we’ve got a sick show lined up for the next night too [Well, it’s sick if you’re into stuff like pizza and fish and brother-sister-duos and yeahhh] It’s almost like a freaky deeky 2.0. But, before we unload all that on you bebes, let’s get to talking about a couple RSD releases that have us really excited…


Our fave-babes at Sundazed announced today that they’ll be releasing some very limited singles and an LP to celebrate this year’s Record Store Day. It’s a dream of our’s to be in a band that one day gets reissue treatment from Sundazed. Or Mississippi. Whichever. They’ve got a lot on their plates this go ’round though: Velvet Underground 7″, John Mayall and Eric Clapton 7″, The Yardbirds 7″, Freddie King 7″, and the International Submarine Band Safe at Home LP with a bonus 7″. Pretty sick. We’ll be scooping all of said records and you will probably hear us DJing them around town for a while. Strongly encouraged to follow suit.

Photo by Bekah Cope


The dude never stops. He’s still fresh on everyone’s brains from Freakin’ Weekend after playing the best show we’ve ever seen at The End [for real, that was so wild] On top of having a new full length record coming this June from Drag City, Ty just spilled on a new EP that’s coming out this Record Store Day comprised entirely of T. Rex covers. No word on who’s putting it out just yet, but we have a sneaking suspicion we know who’s releasing it. Tracklisting is also still up in the air, but we know Ty covers “The Slider”, “Woodland Rock”, “Salamanda Palaganda”, and “Elemental Child”. Should be pretty sick.

There’s a whole lot more that you can expect to see on RSD this year, so keep your eyes peeled. Maybe we’ll even have a few local bands get in on the action. Who knows. We knows.

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