It’s been a good week. Like, a really good week. We got our glow-in-the-dark Mellow Out 7″ in the mail, we got our Heavy Cream on, we got to hear some of the new Natural Child 7″ [more on that later] And now we’re finally getting something we’ve been waiting months for: a split 7″ courtesy of Infinity Cat featuring JEFF and Ty Segall. Talk about a dream split. JEFF’s wax track is a new jam they’ve been playing live for the last little bit called “Diamond Way”. I seriously don’t think it’s possible for us to be any bigger fans of that song. The Ty side definitely doesn’t let up either. It’s a track from the Melted sessions that isn’t on the album [not really sure why though, we think it would’ve been pretty sick to have that grungy number on there] Anyways, there are only 5 hundo of these baybees so be sure to go order one right now.

Do it here.

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