We’ve got a reeeeeal special edition of THE SHREDITORIAL for you this week. It’s a two-parter. One part shred in text, another part shred in free download. For serious. Daniel is one of our number one pals in Nashville and we think he’s doing some of the most remarkable things in this city. If you’ve been to one of his shows or listened to some of his music, then you probably know what we’re talking about. His song-writing capabilities blow just about everyone else out of the water, and he does it effortlessly. No one’s continually putting out solid releases in such a short period of time like Daniel is [Maybe Deluxin’, and Natural Child’s close on his tail, but you know what we’re saying.] So, with that, we couldn’t be more stoked than to present you with this collection of tunes for free download. Some are old, some are new, but they’re all gold. Download it and enjoy it!



Shreditoral 8

Man, you know what really shreds my soul? The confusion with the whole mind/body dichotomy thing. I was talking to the Frankenstein Superman on my GodPod and he said the wildest thing: he’s been building a Haunted Mansion that can collapse in on itself into a light twinkle. He called it a “Monument to Achievement.” His Frankentone was strange though. Ominously different.

He was hanging round in his tattered-ass Frankensupersuit playing with the tab on a beer can. Frankly, I found his aloof nature haunting, but I sat beside him clicky-scrolling until he spoke again.

He said he ran out of materials. The one’s he can’t touch. His Monument to Achievement is half-complete. He said his Ghosts left the worksite after confronting him: One from behind and one from within his noggin.

He said:

“I was standing in the Endless Corridor section facing the completed ends. From behind, I heard the Phantom Foreman, ‘we cannot build any longer. This is no longer what we want. This is no longer what you need.”

It made my brain smoke and my body burn trying to grasp the purpose of a half-built Ghost-Free-Self-Imploding-Haunted-Mansion. The other Ghost inside my Frankenmind started a fire inside my stomach too. I think he’s a friend of the Foreman. I’ve always been sort of cold, but it still burns horribly. If my ghosts behind my brain are telling me to change, why should my body resist? How are they connected? Is they the same and not so separate?”

I slowed my scroll and looked at his Black-And-Red-Marble-Lazy-Eyes and told him that no one knows. No one knows why you get pulled from behind your mind but your body tries to not fall over. Your body tries to understand. Your brain tries to understand whatever speaks from behind and pulls you forward, and that it can be a total drag.

He said:

“I am made by man. But I am not a man. I am merely made of man. “

I said: “Yeah, me too. But I guess we got to cowboy up and be humans, batteries included. We both have the right parts.”

Then I woke up,


Daniel has a 7″ coming out soon with Infinity Cat Records. Once the 7″ comes out, we will be disabling the free download. If you’d like to get in touch with Daniel, you can contact him through his myspace or email him at danielluccapujol@gmail.com . And if you still haven’t caught him live, he’s playing in Murfreesboro this Friday. Tracklist for the online release below….


Frankenstein Superman

1. Too Safe

2. Deathmask

3. May Day

4. State of Mind

5. Jimmie Rogers

6. Jodye

7. Johno

8. Over the Counter Culture Jam

#’s 1,3,4,5,6,7 recorded by Daniel Pujol. #’s 2 & 3 recorded by Jake Orrall.

All songs by Daniel Pujol & courtesy of Infinity Cat Recordings & Daniel Pujol C&P 2010.

plus: Kyle Hunter (guitar #4) Joey Scala (bass #2,3) Reid Barber (Blue Box #4) Josh Bright (drums #7) Jake Orrall (Keys #4) Wez Traylor (Symbol Crash #4)

All songs off tapes or a 7″ available at infinitycat.com

“Space Alien Drag Queen & Frankenstein Superman starring in Went to Wonderland: a feature film written and directed by Zack Martin & Natural Child. “~Infotainment Weakly, 4/20/12

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