It’s official, the Tyler family knows how to throw the best parties ever. This past Sunday [Dec. 27th] was the celebration of our good buddy William Tyler’s 30th birthday, but instead of it being a sad-weird-I wish I was still in my 20s-thing it was a total ball. One of the highlights of the party had to have been the food. Seriously, that spread was out of this world. Another highlight was a special living room performance featuring Mr. K Records, Calvin Johnson [Remember in last week’s Rundown when we said there would be some happening beats at the party?? Get it!? Beat Happening!? Ahh] It ruled, he sang about going to the movies alone and rabbit blood. After the set he explained to us the difference between an apple pie and a birthday pie. Anyways, we’d like to extend an extra huge Thank You to the Tyler Family and wish Willy the best birthday ever. So, thank you, Tyler Family. And Happiest Birthday ever, Willy.

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