The week of Christmas is always kind of a bummer show-wise. All the clubs close up shop and leave the houses to try and pick up the slack and most of the time there’ll be a couple real wild parties, so which will it be this year? We wish those Glenn Danzig boys had something up their sleeve, because this week’s looking like a bit of a sleeper [aside from some Daniel Pujol shows and a secret birthday show with some happening beats]

Monday December 21

:: Awesome Shirt
:::: Daniel Pujol
:::::: Larry David & The Hipsters
@ Little Hamilton
$TBA – All Ages – 8PM

Tuesday December 22

:: Uhm, ……

Wednesday December 23

:: Gnarwhal
:::: Daniel Pujol
:::::: Looking Glass
@ Peter’s House [Acklen Ave]
$TBA – All Ages – 7PM

Thursday December 24 & Friday December 25

:: Nothing. Christmas. Yeesh.

Saturday December 26

:: Party Canon
:::: Super Deadly Dance Party
:::::: Salon de Lil’ Ham
@ Little Hamilton
$TBA – All Ages – 8PM

Sunday December 27

:: Willy T’s Birthday Party
:::: Special Guests
@ Kurt & Mary’s

:: Elle Macho
:::: Rayland Baxter
:::::: Natalie Prass
@ 3rd and Lindsley
$TBA – 21+ – 8PM

Nashy, come on. I mean, you know we love you to death, but let’s try and make the holiday season more happnin next year, K? K.

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