Baby baby baby. we couldn’t be more stoked for this one. School Jerks, who we talked about a little while ago, put out one of our favorite 7″s this year [on Riff Raff] and they’re hitting the town this Wednesday alongside The Cannomen, Natural Child, and The Crumbs. Contrary to popular? unpopular? some sort of belief, The Crumbs are a real band, and they rule. This is their second show [the first was that Natural Child 7″ release show at Glenn Danzig’s House] so definitely make sure to check it out. Doubly, this is the last Glenn Danzig’s House show for the rest of 2009!! The guys over there have had us over for some pretty gnarly shows this year [Bad Sports, Ty Segall, Mantles, Woven Bones, Yussuf Jerusalem, Grooms, Heavy Days, Cheap Time, Symptoms, Aerosols, Failures, Scapegoat, Liquor Store….. oh oops, we haven’t told you about those last 4 yet] So finish your finals and your essays and your Christmas lists and Chanukah lists and Metallikah lists [metalhead holiday] and come out to Glenn Danzig’s on Wednesday.

:: Natural Child
:::: School Jerks
:::::: The Cannomen
:::::::: The Crumbs
@ Glenn Danzig’s House
$5 – All Ages – 8PM

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