I guess we’re gonna try and go weekly with this one. Here’s a new Shreditorial from our buddy, Daniel, about the Internets and Gods and deaths.

Shreditorial #2

Exclusive Gods Online:

So, with all this access to information, we have a lot more problems than establishing a metaphysical class system based on access to information! All the Gods are sick! They are on their death beds, tombs, paupers graves, and sarcophagi. No one knows what to do because there is no beginning or end to Information Superhighway 61, and we keep moving forward forever, even if it’s not a direction.

Ages ago, people used to be isolated and be able to create whatever crazy phantasy they wanted and try to force it on reality through violence. Now, the internet is blowing the cover of demagogues worldwide, while killing innocent Gods. Now, individuals each have their own crazy bourgeoisie ego phantasy, but they think outwardly or aggressively forcing it on other people is “wrong”. Maybe Animal Planet should make a show called God Cops.

People either need to not be aware that they impose their models on the lives of others, or do it ruthlessly and demand respect for it. That is what a hero is. If we are trapped in our individual worlds of isolated illusion we need something that is real outside of ourselves to bring us together. It cannot come from inside because that is where your isolated sea of neurotic insanity traps you in headphones. And that is too subjective, and its objective if you didn’t make it up.

The internet makes charisma a sham because everyone knows they can make a Google. So no one is impressed by spectating each other anymore, even if your a Gods. Now everyone is bored watching, but doesn’t want to do anything because they are trapped in their land of illusion without some Gods to say, “Hey, you’re right about everything.”

On that note, I just want to say Gods, “You totally shred and have never told me I was wrong, or if I was, I learned a lesson that ultimately made me right as usual.” I’m sorry the internet is making you die like Tinkerbell. Gods, you are strong like a sick child and I am proud of you.

Get off the cross,

Daniel Pujol

Stay tuned for next week’s. It’s a real doozy. THE SHREDITORIAL!

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