3 Question Interviews with Timmy Vulgar and TV’s Daniel

Later today, Timmy’s Organism, Wolf Eyes and VIDEO will be bringing their warped and unafraid takes on rocker music to The End on Elliston. You can count on the ND crew being there in full force to get sloppy seconds on what we experienced at their Devil’s Night spectacular last October. We had a moment to get inside the heads of our dudes Timmy Vulgar (Timmy’s Organism) and TV’s Daniel (VIDEO). Catch the results after the jump and see ya at the show.


We went to the DIA for the first time last year. Holy shit Nashville doesn’t hold a candle. What’s the most challenging piece you’ve seen there in the past couple years?
It’s really cool that we have a Vincent Van Gogh self portrait. One of the more famous ones of him in a straw hat.

Best spot for a beer and a snack in Hamtramck? (This can be 2 part)
Go to Kelly’s Bar on Thursday night, Brad and Patty the owners have 75 cent “mom tacos” and a variety of home made perogi. Including a Reuben perogi. Stuffed with corn beef , sour kraut and fennel. dip em’ in thousand island dressing! $2 Strohs and hamms. I also have a pop up Taco night every Wednesday up there when I’m not on tour. I’ll slow roast meats with charcoal and make homemade salsas I’ll also have a vegan option. People dig me sauces!!  It’s a fun time we have bands play or rock n roll DJays.

Do you have a favorite Nashville-based artist and why? 
Our good buddy Jeffrey Novak is always making great music! I also dig a band called ESSENTIAL TREMORS. We dig NATURAL CHILD and their primitive stones style Rocknroll. I’m probably forgetting a few new artists and some from the old days.

Do you have a cool story from your Denton days that definitely happened on a Sunday?
There is one event that happened on a Sunday that I’ll never forget. A day that will live on in infamy. It was a normal day like any other, except on this day something happened that would change the world as we know it. The players involved were unaware that such a momentous occasion was about to transpire, nor did the inhabitants of the sleepy town of Denton. It must have been the Lord’s work to create such an immaculate event in his image. Because on this day, the greatest band to ever walk the face of the Earth, VIDEO, had its first rehearsal.


Texas is notable in the south for having a richer history than most of punk music that doesn’t just morph into shitty metal. Faves past or present?
The only true band that has ever mattered from Texas is VIDEO. That being said, a few other notables include: Bobby Soxx, ZZ Top and Pantera, that’s it.


Nashville transplants often compare our city to a younger Austin. Any advice from the elder city to the sage city on how to grow and preserve what we love?
The best advice I would give you to grow as a city in this uncertain climate would be to get lots of sunlight, water, fertilizer or a good compost heap. Another helpful hint is to lay lots of coins down to keep slugs away.
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