Toonie Loons



You probably already know West Coast hardcore label Iron Lung Records as a synonym for Total Control, but they are also building their roster easterly with Berlin’s Diat. The sound of the German trio is not too far off the pool of British punk and post-punk that Total Control draws from, ie. Killing Joke and Crisis. However, Diat explores a more martial and physical sonic landscape through the keen interplay of the guitar and drums.

Diat will be in the US only once for the rest of the year, at Los Angeles’s excellent Berserktown Festival, featuing Freakin’ Weekend faves Destruction Unit and Thee Oh Sees plus (allow me to fanboy-out for a second) Body of Light, Ninos du Brazil, Milk Music, Sheer Mag, Screaming Females, Royal Headache, Amen Dunes and, last but certainly not least, Dead Moon. Wow, maybe we should do a post all about Berserktown in its own right. Regardless, we hope to see Diat hit our fair Music City soon, and we think you’ll hear why. Check for yourself with the premiere track “Toonie,” featured below and pre-order the LP here.


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