Few shows took us by more surprise last year than Bitchin Bajas at the Stone Fox. Classic situation: you start seeing a band’s name around, then you see their records on the wall at the store, maybe your friends even like them, but you never fully check it yourself. Then they come to town and you decide, “Alright, this has gone far enough. Too many people I respect are talking about these guys for me to not give them a shot,” and then WOW. It’s Kraftwerk, it’s Neu, it’s Pharoah Sanders all at the same time. Jesus…how did you know know? How did this slip by for so long? That’s Bitchin Bajas, and they’re playing at the Basement tonight. They also have a new 12″ EP out called Transporteur, and it’s wonderful. Check out a track from it below, purchase the record here, and please, for your sake, go see this band tonight.

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