Craig Brown is our BOY. From our first hang back at Danzig’s when he was playing with Terrible Twos to drinking Jim Beam and Vernors slushes up in the D, we realized long ago that this is Craig’s world and we’re just living in it. He’s already done a few solo-style releases under the name Brownstown Gals, but it looks like he’s finally stepping out under his Christian name with a single on the newly formed Western Where Records. The song, “Shoulda Been Fishin’,” hits you like a sober morning, waking up to a realization something you spent the previous night trying to forget. It wouldn’t be Craig if it wasn’t peppered with humor, but there’s no denying the honesty in those words, that guitar. The single isn’t out yet, but you can head over to Western Where’s site now to sign up for updates on this and other releases.

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