You Never Satisfy



Why are we so stoked for Kintaro (feat. Natural Child’s Wez and Zack and Way Outsiders’s Josh Shearon) to play their first show since brief blaze of glory from 2008-09? Maybe a little bit because they were named after Street Fighter and still are the only thing we listen to while playing that game. Maybe a little bit because they were the first band we can remember seeing that borrowed equally from the super-fertile mid-80s Twin Cities scene, Egg Hunt and Jawbreaker without being totally derivative or just plain cheesy. Maybe a little bit because Kintaro easily had the most hilarious stage banter in 2008. Who really knows. Or cares for that matter. What matters is that we’ve somehow managed to coerce them to play all the hits for you guys, the sweet ones of Nashville, at this year’s Freakin’ Weekend and that’s reason enough. Here’s the friggin SCOOP —




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