Gonna keep this brief. The TAMI Show was filmed over two nights in October, 1964. It’s a music film that captures some serious performers at the height of their game, others on the rise. It’s kiiinda the ultimate music video and a legendary piece of cinema because it’s one of the earliest (and finest) examples of this idea. It makes the fact that these deft rock ‘n’ roll and superhuman soulsters actually shared a stage feel equal parts impossible and inevitable.

Next Thursday, co-presented by the Belcourt Theatre and Third Man Records, Light & Sound Machine will do something a bit different. They’re opening shop at 6PM, with DJs on deck, and encouraging an old fashioned pre-show chill ‘n’ mingle. This won’t really resemble other movie nights at TMR. This time the plan is to forgo the formalities and keep it relaxed. 20% CHIT CHAT 60% DANCE FLOOR 20% LEGENDARY GROOVES. Get your tickets now because they’re going fast, and get your JB fix to hold you over below.

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