Let’s jump right into it: there are two good shows in town tonight. Like REALLY good shows. Shows so good you really have little-to-no excuse for staying home.

First on the table is DEATH DOMAIN at the East Room. Representing the Dark Entries stable, this one-man operation from Atlanta will surely fulfill all of your weirdo industrial head-nod needs, and if not, you’ve got local masterminds Serration Pulse, Havest Team, Essel, and Essential Tremors to pick up the slack.

If that doesn’t suit your fancy, our main main Willy T is doing a full band show at his very own Stone Fox. As if that’s not enough, he’ll also be calling some friends to the stage to take the lead on a second set of covers. You’ll have the likes of a Caitlin Rose, a Kurt Lambchop, and a Joey P5 covering everything from Linda Rondstat to the Sir Douglas Quintet.

Both are a reasonable $5. Both are a reasonable 18+. Both start at 9PM. THESE are our kinds of parties.

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