Let’s jump right into it: there are two good shows in town tonight. Like REALLY good shows. Shows so good you really have little-to-no excuse for staying home.

First on the table is DEATH DOMAIN at the East Room. Representing the Dark Entries stable, this one-man operation from Atlanta will surely fulfill all of your weirdo industrial head-nod needs, and if not, you’ve got local masterminds Serration PulseHavest TeamEssel, and Essential Tremors to pick up the slack.

If that doesn’t suit your fancy, our main main Willy T is doing a full band show at his very own Stone Fox. As if that’s not enough, he’ll also be calling some friends to the stage to take the lead on a second set of covers. You’ll have the likes of a Caitlin Rose, a Kurt Lambchop, and a Joey P5 covering everything from Linda Rondstat to the Sir Douglas Quintet.

Both are a reasonable $5. Both are a reasonable 18+. Both start at 9PM. THESE are our kinds of parties.

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