Ashin Out the Details

William Tyler

William Tyler

Every once in a while when we’re hangin out at the house, we’ll scroll through and Google our favorite bands, friends, family, (and sometimes ourselves), and most the time it comes back with a new tour or photo, but nothing really surprises too much. But then, there’s a week like this which proved to be a rare exception. William Tyler somehow snuck under our noses in the past few weeks and has new recordings up for our listening pleasure. “Blue Ash Montgomery” brings 3 new studio tracks, including a re-working of an old Paper Hats song, and a live recording at the Downtown Presbyterian Church with another former Silver Jew, Tim Barnes, back from winter 2012. Looks to be released digitally (and hopefully physically somehow?) through Lightning Recordings in Joshua Tree. Thanks to the Bean King and to Google for coming across this one. ENJOI

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