Peter Walker began his career as a guitarist in 1959. In 1965, he became the music director for Timothy Leary’s LSD experiments, and that next year, he released his quintessential Rainy Day Raga. By the ’70s, Walker had stepped away from the public eye in favor of a more peaceful family life, but his playing did not stop there. Shifting his focus to flamenco guitar, he traveled to Spain to further hone his craft. Finally brought out of retirement in 2007 by the fine folks at Tompkins Square, Walker has spent the last few years touring sporadically and recording new material.

All of this is build-up to tell you that thee Peter Walker is making a rare appearance at Third Man Records this Friday, and it would be a shame to miss out on such a special opportunity. As if you need any further reason to go, our #1 Nashville hero William Tyler will provide opening duties. Really though, the dude has kept some great company (Sandy Bull and Karen Dalton anyone?), and he’s done some truly amazing work himself. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Tickets are available for purchase now through Third Man.

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