How could you not love Urinal Cake Records? In the last few years, they haveve done as good a job as anyone in blasting the current sounds of Detroit out to the rest of the country [hello Protomartyr, Growwing Pains, Terrible Twos, Feelings, etc], and best of all, they do it with STYLE and CLASS. Last year they even put on their own festival to bring all these bands together for one weekend [hello Urinefested].

Well the weekend must have gone swimmingly ‘cos we’ve just received word from the D that URINEFESTED II is ON. It will take place June 19-21 at PJ’s Lager House [hello Craig] and will feature a pretty fucking SICK lineup. Highlights include Tyvek, Lamps, Timmy’s Organism, Piranhas, and even our very own Dirty Dreams, but don’t take my word for it! View the full line-up and all the other details here.

Road trip to Detroit anyone? First round of pierogies is on me [hello Polish Village].

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