The Better Manchester

Bok Bok - "Come Back to Me"

Bok Bok – “Come Back to Me”

From an outsider’s perspective, Manchester, TN has it all: nicely-stocked convenience and grocery stores, a liquor store with a statue of a horse in the parking lot and wide open spaces (room to make big mistakes). Despite necessary evidence for a best city award, Manchester, TN does not have the historically rich art and music scene you might assume. This is where our eyes move across the pond to northwest England, to another Manchester which has produced some of our favorite artists.

Captured Tracks will soon be re-issuing a 7″ for a band of Manchester buddies called Bok Bok, comprised of members of the Fall and the Buzzcocks. Crazy, right? The songs are really good, too. Like, maybe mix-worthy. Their one-and-only single contains stylistic cues of both bands and is highly recommended! Don’t say we didn’t tell jahhh.

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