Speaking of Record Store Day, you might have heard the new Oh Sees record, Drop, will be hitting the shelves that day as well. Most bands don’t release records only four months after they go on “indefinite hiatus,” but hey, we’re not complaining a bit.

Thee Oh Sees are a band known for venturing out into new sounds. From the bedroom folk featured on The Cool Death Of Island Raiders to the hard psych of Help and the kool kraut of Putrifiers II, they’ve covered quite a bit of ground throughout the years. Even still, “The Lens” finds the Dwyer and company sounding unlike they ever have before. Most notably, the track doesn’t feature so much as a lick of guitar. Instead it’s driven with drums, strings, and flourishes of french horn. Makes us feel like we’re hearing Magical Mystery Tour for the first time all over again. Makes us feel GOOD.

Check out the video for “The Lens” below, and pick up Drop through Castle Face Records on April 19th.

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