The electric eels are one of the most criminally overlooked punk bands in the history of the genre. They formed in Cleveland in 1972 and broke up before the Ramones even recorded their first album, yet they still had the foresight/piss-and-vinegar to sleep with married women, wear welding masks on stage, and get arrested at their first show. Make no mistake, these guys were first wave mid-west low-life scum, and forty years later, they’re still not getting the attention they deserve.

BUT that does not mean that no one is preaching their gospel, and proof of that comes in the news that Hozac Records has just released their first in what could be an entire series of electric eels releases. The songs are “Jaguar Ride” and “Splittery Splat,” and I swear to the Lort above, both are absolutely essential listens. I’ve hardly heard something so wild. Listen to the b-side below, and pick up the record from Hozac here.

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  1. MB says:

    This is great stuff! Did you catch the show at Betty’s in 2010? Members of the Styrenes and that crazy guitar player from the Electric Eels, John Morton. One of the best things I’ve seen in a long time.

    • D. Watusi says:

      I did not and have regretted ever since! Coincidentally, I first found out about Electric Eels just a few days after that show happened. Such a bummer…

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