When it comes to this whole contemporary “garage rock” thing, Greg Ashley is nothing short of a legend, but we don’t think anyone would blame you if you’ve never heard of him. As it goes with most legends, his career has been a roller coaster of self-administered ups and downs in terms of both the quality of his output as well as the attention it received. Most memorably, he was the main man behind the long-defunct Gris Gris, but he’s also released a handful of solo records including the masterful Medicine Fuck Dream. He’s got a new solo record now. It’s called Another Generation of Slaves, and it comes out tomorrow on Trouble In Mind Records. The lead single, “Awkward Affections,” is deceivingly dark thing all done up in electric organ and singsong bounce. Word has it that the album was recorded almost exclusively with jazz musicians for accompaniment, so we can only imagine (and hope!) that the rest of the record will offer more of the same vibe. Guess we’ll have to wait til we can pick it up from Trouble In Mind tomorrow to find out.

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