Good news for all them eager ears out there. Another banger from Wayne County. Growwing Pains has orbited Detroit for no less than two years now and, in that time, their debut has percolated from basement and backyard, to bar and beyond. You might remember that our boys in Pain paid us a visit roughly three months ago–and guess what? They’ve since found a home on Urinal Cake Records, as well as taking a welcome detour through the ever-industrious Beehive Recording Company. The latter is older news but, hey, why not give a little listen?

Featuring a handful of help from Chris Campbell (Terrible Twos), Alex Glendening (Deadbeat Beat), Hunter Muldoon (The Muldoons) and Nathan Jerde (The Ponys), 17 Songs About The Same Girl is, decidedly, a pop record that sounds like it was force-fed rocks on the far end of playground. The voices are frustrated, the songs are focused. Not to mention these are thoughtful, fast-pitch lyrics that go skittering off through what feeeeels like a ritalin hangover, while getting tangled up in the glad-sad-glad-sad aspects of two young lives in the throes of frottage and friendship. Of course, they never forfeit grit for bubble gum and the balance they strike is a fuckeng thrill. Stream it here.

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