Playing music is fun and going to shows is tite, but sitting around and listening to records with your friends is totally one of the best ways to experience music. It was in that exact setting that we found out about Division Four [thanks Chris]. Story goes this band came to be in Perth, Australia in the early ’80s, made one six-song demo cassette, and called it a day shortly thereafter. Now thanks to the internet and the SF punkers at Smart Guy Records, what could have been a forgotten footnote is now a full LP reissue. What’s presented is a collection of truly tuff, truly weird post punk. Two basses, drums, and a synth because who had time for guitars in ’83? The sounds are honest though, and the songs stand their ground when paired against those of forerunners Warsaw and Magazine. The LP is available now at the Smart Guy site, and at only $8, it’s CHEAP. Pick it up now because it’ll probably sell out soon.

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