Sweet Daliverance



Each week, we put the Rundown together as, amongst other things, a party forecast. Putting tight shows together with your friends takes time and planning, so you usually know how you’ll be getting down at least a week in advance, right? But, then there’s weeks like this week, when your friends stop by work to say hey and hang out for a minute and drop news on you that reminds you how stoked you are to be doing exactly what you’re doing and, moreover, to have friends that make funky thangs happen, too.

Salvador Dali Parton will make their Jimmy Johns-fueled debut six times over on Saturday night, and then won’t play again, so catch it while you can. The amalgamated group features the following dude crew:

Jake Orrall of Jeff the Brotherhood, Mike Harris of Apache Relay, Winston Marshall of Mumford and Sons, Justin Hayward-Young of The Vaccines, and Gill Landry of Old Crow Medicine Show

What we see will be a real surprise to everyone, especially because the band has yet to have a practice together. Also worth noting, the band has plans to record and release a compilation of the best live performances, so keep your eyes peeled for something to come of that– hopefully through our boys at URP.

Good to see that good stuff can still sneak up on us. Let’s make this happen every weekend. No mercy. Venues and show times listed after the break–

You can find a good time at:

The High Watt 6:45
The Exit/In 8:00
The Stone Fox 9:00
The Springwater 9:45
Coyote Ranch 11:00 (A house performance)

The sixth gig will be announced the day of show(s)







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