One of the best things about music is how endless it can seem. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, some hot new band or old forgotten record will come along and blow your mind like you’re hearing rock and roll for the first time. Enter Nubs. This group came about in San Francisco in the late ’70s and released only one single — 1980’s “Job” b/w “Little Billy’s Burning.” Aside from a compilation CD released in 2003, that was it for the band. No follow up single, no debut LP. Just one sick, punk as fuck single. Now one would think such a release would be ripe for being forgotten to the ages, but that’s what labels like Last Laugh Records are for. We just found out that they’ve reissued this jam for all the future punkers to enjoy. Thanks guys. Now we don’t hafta pay a million dollars to own a copy. You can hear the tune below and snag a copy here. Trust us, it’s worth it…

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  1. joshearon says:

    Also this is the 2nd song on Killed By Death #5. Best tune!

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