It’s easy to become jaded in the music world, especially rock and roll. Trends and fads, biters and hype machines. All too often, it can become enough for you to wanna turn away, and that is exactly why a band like OGG is so special. Four high school kids — too young to be jaded, too smart to compromise — dishing out their own take on the sound of young America. Poppin? Rockin? Sure, but over all else it’s just good. This Saturday, the boys will be celebrating the release of their first single [courtesy of newcomers OTC Records]. We already mentioned it in the Rundown, but we’ll remind of the details below. In the meantime, you can listen to the tracks below. No excuses, Nashville. See ya there.

Saturday, September 15
:: OGG
:::: PUJOL
:::::: Deluxin’
:::::::: Waxed
@ the Cage [ask a punk]
$5 – All ages – 8PM

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