Cleanest Venus

The Cleaners from Venus

Here at Deadquarters, we can’t wait another minute for fall. Why? Doy, it’s the best season, next to summer, of course. What better excuse do you want to fish out your flannel and remember that you still like hot coffee and tea? Don’t even fake it. Fall’s great. And with summer winding down round town, fall music is sure to inch its way onto our players, too. Here’s where The Cleaners from Venus come in. The Cleaners from Venus, aka the home recording project of Martin Newell at the turn of the ’80s, have releases on vinyl and on CD for the first time ever. The group made 8 cassette-only albums between 1981 and 1987, which have been steadily re-issued over the past year by our buds over at Captured Tracks. They even put together a couple volumes in sharp box sets. Serious Chrimmus list material for your favorite pop fan. You can snag all the goods at the Captured Tracks webstore.

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