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Indianapolis’ very own Zero Boys will be performing a concert at The End. The band existed for a very brief time in the early 80s and put out the now legendary “Livin In The 80s” E.P. and “Vicious Circle” L.P. which they play almost exclusively live on their occasional reunion tours. What I’m trying to say here is they aren’t gonna play anything you never heard of and they threw down hard two years ago headlining the Atlanta Mess Around matching speed with their opener the Wax Museums. This show is gonna be punk as fuck and no douche bag promoter put a bunch of bullshit on the bill. Expect short sets, high thrills , and hard pittin. Stacked with a bad ass local bill of Nashville’s best hardcore and one of the most legendary midwest punk bands this is shit is gonna kick your ass.

Thursday June 12
:: ZERO BOYS (circa 82′ Hardcore Punk LEGENDS)
:::: SLAMMERS (Hard To See Hardcore)
:::::: CANNOMEN (Colin Lewis Style hardcore)
:::::::: FUCKED ETHOS (East Side Hardcore Kings)
$8 – 18+ – 9PM

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