We were lucky enough to catch the UV Race in Memphis earlier this week, and we were even luckier still to pick up their new record, Autonomy & Deliberation, at the merch table. The record is actually the soundtrack to a movie of the same name that the band made last year. Although the record was originally done as a small pressing to accompany the premier of the movie, it has since been picked up for a repress by the fine folks at In the Red, and that repress hits stores this week. While it’s still undoubtedly a UV Race record, Autonomy & Deliberation does find the band venturing out into some unknown territories with great reward. Songs like the title track and “Can’t Go Back” rank in as some their best songs to date. Unfortunately, there are no MP3s to be found for the record, so you’ll just have to pick up the vinyl to see for yourself. Check out the trailer for the movie below to get a taste…

AUTONOMY AND DELIBERATION Official Trailer from Johann Rashid on Vimeo.

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