Middle Tennessee’s stoopidest punk band are gonna be doing couple of short dates above and below the Mason-Dixon line mid May, and everywhere west of the Mississippi in June and July. If you’re lucky, they’ll be playing your town. Everybody who’s anybody thats been paying attention to the internets lately knows Pissbath put out one of the top punk demo tapes so far this year, clocking in at 7 songs in 8 minutes, and you’d be a dingus to miss out. They still need a little help with the June and July dates, so if you wanna help a punker out email Conner at primitiveprison@gmail.com. The dates for May are the top image, and click below for June and July.

20th Nashville, TN w/Days of Hate, Disparage
21st Birmingham, AL
22nd New Orleans, LA w/Blood Fuck
23rd Houston, TX
24th Austin, TX
25th San Antonio, TX
26th Las Cruces, NM
27th Phoenix, AZ
28th San Diego , AZ
29th Santa Ana, CA w/Nasa Space Universe
30th Los Angeles, CA

1st San Jose, CA
2nd San Francisco, CA
3rd Oakland, CA
4th Arcata, CA w/Pyroklast, Komatose
5th Portland, OR w/ Lifeform, Frenzy
6th Olympia, WA
7th Seattle, WA
8th Boise, ID
9th Salt Lake City, UT
10th Denver, CO w/Nosebled
11th Kansas City, KA
12th St. Louis, MO

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