Here’s a bold statement: Norton Records is one of the most important American record labels of our time. Don’t believe me? Sure they put out party jammers like the Black Lips and Reigning Sound, but look beyond! Gino Washington? Figures of Light? Hasil Adkins? You can’t beat that shit. It’s the ultimate, and Norton has been releasing the likes of it for over a quarter century. Hell, Miriam Linna (one half of the power couple behind Norton) alone not only started the Flamin’ Groovies fanclub back in the ’70s, she also booked the first fucking DEVO show in New York! Talk about a dream babe.

We were devastated to hear that Hurricane Sandy struck the Norton HQ hard back in October. Among other things, over 250,000 records were submerged under six feet of water. Pretty devastating. Never ones to slow down, Billy and Miriam are taking it to the streets, getting with their band, the A-Bones, to do a handful of Norton benefit shows, and we’re lucky enough to have them drop through Nashville. The party’s going down next Friday, April 12, at Mercy Lounge and will have Daddy Long Legs, the Ettes, and our new favorite teeny boppers, Weekend Babes, opening. They’ve got some other benefit events going on next week as well, but more on that later. In the meantime, why don’t you go ahead and get your tickets and prepare to experience the ultimate?

Norton Records Benefit
Friday April 12
:: The A-Bones
:::: Daddy Long Legs
:::::: The Ettes
:::::::: Weekend Babes
@ Mercy Lounge
$10 – 18+ – 9PM

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