1355351532-215185_459014667494780_844718480_nWilliam Tyler has been Nashville’s favorite son for some time now. Of course he played in Lamchop and Silver Jews, but that’s not even really “that shit” when you’re talking about Willy T. When it comes to “that shit,” nothing tops his solo debut from a few years ago, Behold the Spirit. Beautiful, original, and true to its Tennessee roots, it should go without saying that our copy has gotten some heavy wear in its time. We were thrilled when he agreed to do a single with us, and we were beyond stoked when news broke that he had signed with Merge for his second album. You can only imagine how giddy we felt to finally hold a copy of Impossible Truth, William’s sophomore release when it came out on Tuesday. Willy says it’s his “’70s singer-songwriter record.” We say if you buy one record this month, let it be his. It’s also worth noting that William’s headed out next month to tour through the East coast and part of Canada. Check those dates after the jump, and pick up Impossible Truth here!

April 4 Phuzz Fest, Winston Salem NC

April 9 The Green Roon, Athens GA

April 10 Double Crown, Asheville NC

April 11 The Pinhook, Durham NC

April 12 9th and Beats, Washington DC

April 13 BSP, (w/ Richard Buckner!) Kingston NY

April 14 Ortlieb’s Philadelphia PA

April 16 Mercury Lounge , Manhattan NY

April 17 Space Gallery, Portland ME

April 18 Middle East, (w/ Kinski!) Cambridge MA

April 19 O Patro Vys, Montreal QC

April 20 Silver Dollar, Toronto ONT

April 21 Happy Dog, Cleveland OH

April 22 Lager House, Detroit MI

April 23 The Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids MI

April 24 Trumpet Blossom Cafe, Iowa City IA

April 25 First Ave (!), Minneapolis MN

April 26 Hideout, (w/ Brokeback, Rebecca Gates) Chicago IL

April 27 Do317 Lounge, Indianapolis IN

Now if we could just get a Tyler Family Band record…

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