Photo by Julia Bee

Photo by Julia Bee

Feels like we’ve been talking about this show since Ty’s last visit to town back in September [you all remember that though – rulingest party ever] But now it’s finally right around the corner, going down Monday night over at The End with Ex-Cult, Cheap Time, and Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders. We guarantee you do not want to miss this show. I mean… it’s at the fucking End. That is going to be packed out and get insane so fast. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to go ahead and snag tickets now while you still can. You can do that here. On the real though – this is probably the last time you’ll ever get the chance to catch Ty Segall in a club as small as The End. Fuck the cold – come out and let’s make it good forever. Gnarliest stage dive gets their money back.


Monday January 28. 2013
:: Ty Segall
:::: Ex-Cult
:::::: Cheap Time
:::::::: Cy Barkley & The Way Outsiders
@ The End
$12 – 18+ – 8PM

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