Photo by Julia Bee

Photo by Julia Bee

A few weeks ago we got a nice visit from Brooklyn’s Parquet Courts over at The Owl Farm and we’ve had a hard time putting their debut LP – Light Up Gold – down ever since. Originally released on Dull Tools and recently given a wider release via What’s Your Rupture?! – the record is one of the best to be released in the first month of 2013. Hopefully we’ll get plenty more solid records like this throughout the year. They have a new video for the track “Borrowed Time” that you can watch below. Lots of live footage and looks like a total party at our favorite DBA. No word as to when we can expect them to roll back through – but if we’re lucky it’ll be sooner than later. And – Andrew – if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I haven’t sent you your sweater back yet. Soon!

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