The Dirtbombs

The Dirtbombs

Haven’t heard a ton from The Dirtbombs camp in a while – last year releasing a split 7″ for the Bruise Cruise and their last full length, Party Store, coming out in 2011 – so it’s about time we got something newish from the guys. The new compilation Consistency Is The Enemy is the vinyl version of 2005’s If You Don’t Already Have A Look – which mostly featured tracks from long out-of-print singles and covers and older recordings. We haven’t seen the official tracklist for the comp just yet – but with all that in mind we’re assuming we should expect little to no new material on the record. That’s ok though. Consistency Is The Enemy will be released through Cass Records in a limited one-time pressing – so don’t sleep on it. In other Cass-related/Dirtbombs-related news, label head and drummer and Third Man-er Ben Blackwell was just featured on Dust & Grooves showing off some of his records. Definitely worth your time to go read the interview and drool over some of his collection [that fucking Lovebuzz test press… held it in my hands once…] Do that here.


The Dirtbombs – Consistency Is The Enemy
Cass Records 2013

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