The other day while listening to one of our favorite tracks from one of our favorite 2012 records – White Fence’s Family Perfume – a friend pointed out that it was the only track on either volume not written by Mr. Tim Presley [talking about “Do You Know IDA Know?“] So we decide to do a little researching about this John Dust/John Webster Johns/CC Name character who’s credited for writing and we come to find MUZZ. A killer cassette/rock opera released in the Spring of last year that totally slipped our radar. The CC Name site describes Light Show as “a rock and roll book on tape about the war between rival gangs The Shadows and The Wooly-Bully Clan.” It’s pretty gnarly. You can stream it in it’s entirety right here. We’ve gone ahead and posted one of our favorite tracks from the album – “Out of Sight” – down at the bottom of this post. We’re not sure if physical copies of the cassette are still available – but if you like what you hear then you may want to shoot an email over to and see if you can’t snag a copy.

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