rsz_freakweek_finalWell, you knew it was coming sooner or later, right? We’ve been working on things for a bit and we’re about ready to unveil some lineup details and lots of other good things – but we figured we should go ahead and just drop the dates on you so you can make plans ahead of time. You know – book your flights and buses and save up your money for stupid cheap records and get ready to party non-stop in the crazy nasty stylee. FREAKIN’ WEEKEND IV is coming for you this March from Thursday the 7th to Saturday the 9th. It’ll be going down at a few different venues, there will be pop-up shop, there will be lots of sick bands, there will be mondo party, there will be lots of surprises. We figured it best to take Sunday off this year and the fucking Zombies are playing at War Memorial that night so we’ll be recovering over there. Maybe we can just include that in The Freakin’ Weekend. Yeah, sure, let’s go ahead and include it. There’s your first band announcement: the Zombies! AWOOO MUTHERFUCKER ITS THE YEAR OF THE CIRCLE PIT LETS GET FREAKY

March 7th – 9th
Nashville, TN – USA

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  1. stl_ben says:

    Need more info ASAP! Time to start making travel plans.

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