Hello FUZZ. We’re sure most of you have either scooped the debut Fuzz 7″ from Trouble In Mind Records [who’ve got some pretty slick looking new company sleeves – nice one, guys!] or you’ve listened to the single online, but IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T – we’re here to fill you in. Fuzz is the a three piece comprised of two Ty Segall Band-ers [including Ty himself] but we think this might be more of a Charles Moothart project than anything else. It’s heavy and riffy and we’re heshing pretty hard right now. You can check out the A-side below if you want. The first press of the single has already sold out – but TIM encourages you to NOT seek it out on eBay as there will be another press and you shouldn’t have to blow a large wad for it. No word as to if we can ever expect FUZZ to come Nashy-side, but maybe we’ll have a special treat who knows…. who knows! Ty and the boys will be here in a couple weeks at The End with Ex-Cult – get on that too… Now here’s a live video of them at The Smell a few weeks ago…

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