Photo by Bekah Cope

Well, last year we were told to expect the follow-up to Jeffrey Novak’s solo album After The Ballroom sometime in the 2012. Doesn’t really look like that’s going to happen at this point, but we’ve heard Baron In The Trees and can vouch for how good it is and you’ll definitely want to grab it from In The Red whenever it’s actually out. Jeffrey and the rest of the Cheap Time crew have been busy for the last few months touring around the nation and now overseas in Europe, but they’ll be returning stateside pretty soon. Don’t worry though – doesn’t mean Jeffrey’s slowing down at all. Matador Records just announced their second year singles subscription service and Mr. Novak’s got a solo 7″ included [so do Superchunk, Royal Headache, Bits of Shit, and a few others] You can sign up to receive all the singles right here. Jeffrey’s contribution to the club comes out January 29th – you can see the artwork right down there. Sort of School House Rock vibes or something…

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